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Learning in Community

S.A.L.T: Share And Learn Together

Learning is an important part of spiritual growth. Study and discussion are the building blocks for a stronger, deeper, and more personal faith. At Cornerstone, we believe that learning is best done in community, not in isolation. While individual study is important and necessary, we believe that we reach our greatest level of understanding when we take the knowledge gained in personal study and discuss the subject together. In community, we can see different viewpoints, hear personal stories that give relevance to the subject at hand, and can talk through challenging material as we all strive to know the heart of God.


We engage in several periods of study where we practice the concept of S.A.L.T. (Share and Learn Together). More than just a Bible study, S.A.L.T. challenges us to experience Jesus in new ways, to expand our concept of God, and to understand how His love is meant to be the guiding force in our lives.


Join us for S.A.L.T. on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and on Wednesday evenings at 6:45, directly after our Friends & Family Meal. This is a time for adult study. Children will meet with Cornerstone Kids and teens will meet with CYG. A staffed nursery is available for infants and toddlers ages 0-2.

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