Cherished Beliefs

Family Serving Christ and Loving Others.

First and foremost, we hold fast to God's love and know that it has been liberally poured out on us; it's unconditional and unchanging, and it compels us to love in the same selfless way. His great love has been revealed to us through his grace. We know that He sent His son to willingly die on our behalf in order to reconcile us back to Him through His plan of salvation. Jesus taught that love is the defining marker for his disciples, and this love liberates us to live full lives.


We believe there is one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - who is eternal and created all. We believe that the Church is the universal body and fellowship of Christ on earth. We believe that God desires unity of the body of Christ and that unity is preserved in the Holy Spirit in a bond of peace, by an active, participatory faith. We believe Heaven exists and has been prepared for those who love God.

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